Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Corporate Cup Win

The company I work for sponsors runners in each years Alston & Bird LLP Corporate Cup 2008. This year was no different. The Corporate Cup also sponsors a t-shirt design contest for the corporate sponsors, so every year I design a shirt for our company and this year my design won.

Each year I find this to be a labor to come up with a new look and something that looks cool. I had different designs rattling around in my head and none of them really worked for the look I wanted. As I watched the Super Bowl one of the ads gave me an idea. I sketched it out a few different ways but didn't like it then I remembered a runner I had worked on for last years design. I used him as my base and created a geometric silhouette of it, merged it together, added a rough Charlotte skyline and BAM! I liked it and so did the judges for the contest. Here is what the final design looked like.

Here we have one of the shirts in action.