Monday, August 25, 2008

Monster Creations

Designers create. We create for others and bring their ideas to life. Sometimes we need a break and just need to create for fun. There are some fun blogs out there geared toward that. Two come to mind right away Sugar Frosted Goodness (SFG) and Illustration Friday. Each of these gives you a topic to draw and make a creation and than post it. It gives designers a chance to try new ideas and techniques, to explore their abilities and tools. There is now a new blog to add to the list and it is:

Monster Monday is a blog where every Monday various artists will post a creature creation. Whether alien, zombie, classic monsters or whatever they can imagine. Some weeks there will be themes to explore some weeks may have lots of posts others a few. But each week should be interesting as the things that go bump in the night are explored. Stop on by and check it out.