Friday, June 27, 2008

Radio Flyer

I was doodling one day and doodled a line and thought, “Oh, that looks like the canopy of a space ship.” So I took my pencil and drew some more and created a cool little ship and thought, “I like this. I should do another.”

So I did and drew the Radio Flyer. I pulled out my colored pencils and proceeded to color it in. I was starting to dig this little thing.

I had just been to the HOW conference and was inspired by Von to do some stuff using vectors. I scanned the image in and took it into Illustrator and started to draw the lines and create the vectors. I really like the way it came out.

It reminded me of a spaceship I would imagine while riding my bike or in a wagon as a kid. Which got me to thinking, “Where would I imagine I was flying.” I went onto the NASA web site and found a picture I liked, applied a Photoshop filter, drop the spaceship in and… I liked what I had.