Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Night Mares & Dream 'scapes

I joined with an online design forum last year and periodically we will do different creative exercises. One of the regular exercises they do is a zine called HOWiezine. It is open to everyone on the forum to submit two pages for the book. One of the long time members collects the pages, binds them together and sends them out to all the participants.

I decided to give the latest one a go. The theme for HOWzine #12 is Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Below are my submissions.

I chose to do a night “mare” because this is how I envisioned them since I was a child. If I had a nightmare I was told to try to take control of the dream and change it. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

The dreamscape image is from a short story I started about a door that stands on a beach. The door leads to somewhere else but I never figured out where. Coming from the door are footprints, whose they are, I don’t know. As I looked at the image I thought, “That dream has escaped.”

So, if night mares run wild rein them in and if a dream ‘scapes catch it.