Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Business Cards

After redesigning my blog and website I needed new business cards. I designed a card I really liked and searched for a printer. The card used a die cut which made it rather cost prohibitive on my limited budget. I remembered a design friend of mine talking about Copy Craft. I contacted them and was surprised at the price they quoted, it was under half of what I could get locally.

I sent them my design and had them print the cards. In about two weeks my new cards arrived and I was disappointed, the blankets had not been cleaned properly and left a ghost image. I called them and they told me to return the cards so they could reprint them. I did and now I have my new, cool looking cards. Copy Craft is a great printer to work with and they did a great job.


copycraft said...

Thanks for selecting Copy Craft! I am sorry to hear the first batch didn't turn out to your expectations but I am happy to hear we got you taken care of and gave you a quality product. I hope you use us again in the future!

Cory Rogers

On Brochure Printing said...

It is certainly a very positive sign that Copy Craft allowed you to return the cards so they could reprint them. I am assuming they did so at no cost to you? If so, that is a very positive thing indeed.

My question is: do they normally screw up the job the first time? Or was that a fluke? I would be interested to hear from other people who have used Copy Craft to see what they think. If they normally do good work the first time, at such a low price, then great! I would be happy to do business with them. But if their products routinely require rework (even at no cost) then I can see why their prices are so low.


Grafixgibbs said...

They re did them at no charge as it was there mistake. I have another designer friend who has used them and has been very pleased with them. I do plan to use them again.

Copy Craft said...

Thanks for the follow up and for letting us know you plan on using us again.

To answer the previous commentor's (which by the way is someone from and I would love to have their business if they are looking to send it my way) question...

We don't routinely "screw up" a job. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and service. We strive to produce the job correctly the first time! We usually exceed customer expectations as you can plainly see from our Customer Reviews site at .

We (like most commercial printers) do on occasion make a mistake or error in the print quality but we are always prompt to take care of those issues. I wouldn't consider our pricing to be "low" but competitive with other online printers.

As a side thought... routinely messing up order would ultimately cause us to have to raise our pricing to compensate for the extra costs associated with reprinting a job, but I digress.

Thanks again for your honest feedback. The only way we become better is when our clients communicate with us and let us know when we did good or bad.

P.S. - thanks for allowing me to respond to's comment.

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