Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Brew

After creating Frankenstein, the shrunken head and the devil image for MonsterMonday, I was wondering what they could be used for. I showed the shrunken head image to a friend and the made a comment about “creative juices.” That got me thinking about different names for it and I came up with Voodoo Juice. “Hmm ,” I thought, “that would make a cool beverage label sitting on a shelf in a store.” I played around with it and came up with the Voodoo Juice label and then the light went on. Why not do Monster Brew’s labels and see what they look like? So I took the three I had done and added a pirate themed one and “BAM!”

After creating the labels I wanted to see what they would look like on bottles. I found an image of a suitable bottle and went into Photoshop and placed the labels on the bottles. I then clipped the bottles out and placed them all together.I had the beverage bottles but they needed a neck label to show the company. After tossing around some ideas I came up with Monster Brew. Each of the labels had the silhouette of a skull and cross bones behind it so I had to use that as the logo. I played around in Illustrator and created the logo.

I turned again to Photoshop and added the labels to the necks to produce the finished look.

I love it when one idea feeds another. As you can see the creative process is sometimes WHAM! and you have it other times it is slow and takes time. In this case each idea created the next and I have a final creation that I like. There are two more brews I want to add to finalize the six pack, so watch for them.

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome, and would make a great addition to a halloween party!