Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Where does inspiration come from? As a designer it is important to find out what inspires you and what helps you create. For me there are a few different things.

  1. Podcasts – With the invention of the iPod, podcasts have become a new way for me to get inspired. There are many out there dealing with design, art and many other subjects, but my favorites have become the old time radio shows. Just listening to these are fascinating. The ideas and thoughts put forth in them. The good vs. evil. The “wow” factor of Sci-fi that has become real in some respects and is still a long way off in others. The stories get my imagination going and help me to come up with new ideas.
  2. Music – Music has always been one of my inspirations. It helps me to relax and let my mind wander down other paths it has not gone down. My favorites for inspiration are; jazz, trance music (Enigma type), African (hey I grew up there), movie sound tracks and others like Pink Floyd.
  3. Miniature Games – Yup. I’m a geek. I find miniature games to be very cathartic for me. I like to buy and paint the pewter minis and make the terrain for them than hang out with a friend and play a wargame. My favorites are from Privateer Press. They also have some very cool art. Below is one of the minis I painted.

  4. Reading – I love to read a good book. My wife says I devour them. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I really enjoy fantasy and find I enjoy philosophy too. The problem I find when I read is I get lost in the book and will read to the exclusion of all else until the book is done. I find though that a good book will get my brain working and take me down new paths and to new ideas.
  5. Other Artists – Artists are a breed unto themselves. We see the world in ways others don’t. We try to capture feeling, emotions, thoughts and ideas on paper. Seeing how others do this helps me to understand how to do it and gives me ideas about how to try to do it. We see things in different ways. An example seeing things differently:
These are my five top inspirations. Looking at them makes me realize they are all a type of art. Each thing comes from someone’s imagination that someone else has inspired.

What’s your inspiration?

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