Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wine Label

I'm a member of the How forums and found this challenge in the Sandbox section:

Here's the task: Design a new label for Robert Mondavi's new (fictitious) line of Zinfandel wine, "838 Zin."

The details:

The Mondavi Winery corporation is looking to capitalize on the recent explosion in United States' 21-35 year-old wine-buyer market. Young and hip, this generation of wine buyer has discovered/rediscovered wine as the social lubricant of choice, a more sophisticated alternative to beer or mixed drinks.

The Mondavi corp is looking to launch a new line of red Zinfandel, calling it "838 Zin" for it's fun abbreviation, and the fact that only 838 cases will be produced each year.
So I played around with Photoshop and Illustrator and came up with this:My thought was to go for a more sophisticated drinker. One that enjoys art, aesthetics and the labels on the wine bottles. I'm one of those that likes to wander through the wine stores and look at the labels and see which ones I think are cool. I thought this one would attract me for its combination of modern feel with the older watercolor looking background art.

I also took this challenge was to try something I don't normally get to do. In design I find it is good to try something new to stretch your mind and your creative muscles. As Oliver Wendell Holmes once said:
Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

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