Thursday, July 26, 2007

Java Jazz

Here is a design I did a few years ago and redid for my wife's 30 birthday.

We love coffee and I have a dream to open a coffee shop some day. This would be the name of it and the logo or some version of if I ever bring this dream to reality.

Anyway... for my wife's 30 birthday I turned our house into the coffee shop for her and her guests. It was pretty cool. The invitations had this image on them:

Over all it was a pretty cool party and a way to see part of my dream come true and let my wife enjoy a coffee shop all to herself with her friends.

Doing these type of things is another way to keep sharp as a designer and do some fun things if you don't get the chance to every day.

I also created Java Joe the mascot. He looks like this:
One day I hope to bring these to life for a real jazz cafe, but until than I will enjoy doing the design.

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