Wednesday, August 8, 2007


The design process... Is there a set standard? Do you have to follow XYZ? No. Each designer needs to find their own process that works for them.

I think there are three main types of designers. There are the “sketchers”, the “thinker” and the “technophile.” The “sketcher” will draw copious amounts of thumbnails and work through each on paper until they find a few they like. The “thinker” will let the ideas gestate in their mind and do a lot of processing before they sit down and layout a design. The “technophile” will sit at the computer and play with ideas until they all fall into place.

All of these are valid ways to solve design problems and each way works for different designers. Most designers I know, myself included use a combination of each of these ways depending on the project. Some projects I hear and “BAM!” I have an idea. I sit down at the computer and work it out and refine it. Other projects I’ll think about and throw ideas around in my head until I settle on one and create it. Others I have no idea what to do so I’ll start to draw and do word association to try to get the ideas flowing.

I have found lately that I will get a project think about it, sketch out some ideas and than sit down at the computer and play with them until they look like I think they should.

The process is just as important as the end product as it gives you ideas. You may not be able to use the ideas on the current project but you may find a use for them later on.

Here is an example from my sketchbook of the idea I used to create the 838 wine label.

It looks kind of like the final product but you can see some of the ideas I threw around in my head.
Whatever your process is use it and try some of the others to expand your mind.

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Steph said...

It's good to see you using a sketchbook and pencils to do your concepting. Keep up the good work!